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Rudi Garcia:PSG has thrown 222 million euros for the infirmary

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The injuries of the most expensive player in the world, Neymar is the focus of attention in France. The Brazilian trauma theme was also touched by Olympic coach Marcia Rudi Garcia on the eve of today`s 1/4-final of the French Cup tournament from buy soccer picks against Paris Saint-Germain.

If Neymar is injured, they have Angel of Mary. We`ll see if Kylian Mbappe and Unason Cavani will play in a week`s time. This team was created to win the Champions League. They spent 400 million euros, of which 222 million are in the infirmary, Garcia commented. Neumar was injured in the match between PGS and Olympics Marseille. After the match, Marseilles players accused the Brazilian that he had almost deliberately wanted to be foul.

About his condition is also the ambiguity. The player`s father and agent claims that he will operate and will be absent for 2 months. Coach Unai Emery expects the Brazilian will be ready for the match against Real on March 6 in Paris.

Blog for soccer picks

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