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Midnight surprise for the `white` in Paris

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Pars Saint Germain`s Ultras tried to spoil the dream of Real Madrid`s players before today`s rematch of the 1/8-finals in the Champions League. A large group of fans came out at around 1:30 pm outside the White House in Paris. Immediately many bombs and smokes were thrown. It seems that the police did not expect such a move because, according to Mundo Deportivo, the hotel`s security guard had to call the uniforms. None of the police have ever seen a potential crowd of fans in the area.

There is no information as to whether the loud noise has managed to awaken Zinedine Zidane players who have a 3:1 advance and are favorites for ultimate success. Yesterday another group of PSG supporters raised offensive posters and chanted again in front of Real`s Hotel.

Blog for soccer picks

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