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They removed Jamie Carragher by the end of the season

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Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher was removed from his role as an analyst at Sky Sports after filming spitting to a 14-year-old girl and his father, starting from Old Trafford after a derby between Manchester United and Manchester United. Later, the former defender apologized publicly for his behavior, but he was dropped off the screen on Monday night for the match mentioned by faq between Stoke City and Manchester City.

Today, the Sky spokesman has revealed what decision makers have taken on the future of Carragher. The good news for him is that he still missed the dismissal:`After reviewing the Sky incident, Jamie Carragher for the rest of the season, Jamie took full responsibility for what happened and we guarantee that he will receive the help heis necessary to make sure that this does not happen again, before we start next season, we will talk to Jamie again to discuss whether he is ready to return to his duties. `

Blog for soccer picks

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