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Bordeaux stops stumbling

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Bordeaux`s team recorded the fifth match without success in League One and dreams of European participation are beginning to evaporate slightly lately. In a match of the 30th round of the French Championship, the Gironde lost 0-2 as a host from Wen.

After the first half in the first half, the Brethren came to success in the second half. The youngster Ismail Saar opened in the 49th minute, and shortly before the end, John Gurkayuf bit his former team for the second time. The former national took advantage of Wahbi Hazri`s pass in the penalty area and with a technical blow to the team`s success. Thus, Bordeaux has now dropped to ninth place in the ranking with a 37-point asset. Rehn is in good shape and is already fifth with 45, which can bring the team to European tournaments by soccer tips archive for the coming season.



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