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Christian Eriksen: We are not afraid of Real

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Tottenham is a class team and is not afraid of Real (Madrid), said England midfielder Christian Eriksen. On Tuesday, the European club analyzed by soccer tips archive champion meets Madrid`s Spurs in a championship group match. `We need to show our qualities and confidence, and I think we have both things and we should not worry about anything, of course Real Madrid`s stadium is a special place to play against this opponent is always somethingvery specially for every footballer, it will be a very good test for us to find out where we have come to our development as a team, `Eriksson said. Tottenham and Real (Madrid) have a six-point total in Group H in the Champions League. In the composition of the `white` of the Spanish capital play Luca Modric and Garrett Bale, who moved to Madrid from Tottenham.

Now the biggest star of Spurs is striker Harry Kane. We have been playing together for several seasons, and no team has to be dependent on just one player, the mood is excellent during the training and during the games, we are demonstrating something special and people want tothey see this from us, `Eriksson said.

Blog for soccer picks

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