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Colombia beat Paris with an impressive turn over France

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Colombia has made an impressive turnaround against France in a control meeting played at the Stade de France in Paris. Los Cafeteros lost to 0:2, but eventually came to a win - 3:2. Olivier Girush and Toma Lemmar gave the lead to the cocks, but with Luis Muriel, Radamel Falcao and Juan Fernando Quintero, the South Americans came to victory. The result from soccer partners was found in the 11th minute when David Ospina`s mistake after Antoine Griezmann`s passport allowed Girush to get a firing position in the small box and find out. 15 minutes later the cocks doubled their lead. An excellent multi-versa combination was completed with a diagonal blow to Lomar. But soon Colombians reduced the score. An attempt to center Muriel was a blow that surprised Hugo Loris.

In the middle of the second half, the South Americans leveled. Chames Rodriguez found Radamel Falcoo in a clean position and Monaco striker made 2:2. Five minutes before the end of the match, Samuel Umtiti stumbled into the penalty area Jose Ischierdo and the referee pointed to the white point. Behind the ball came Kintero and brought the Colombian twist. (2)


1:0 Girush (11)

2:0 Lomar (26)

2:3 Quintero (85-g)

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