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Del Potro gave only 4 games to Nishikori

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The magnificent Juan Martin del Potro continues his winning 13-game series. The Argentine did not face any difficulties with Kai Nishikori and beat him 6:2, 6:2. In this way, he will qualify for the semi-finals of the Masters Series in Miami, where he will meet Philip Krainovic. In the third round, Serbian eliminates Benoit Pere with 6:3, 6:3. Nishikori was just like Del Potro at the beginning and even missed a breakthrough in the first serve game of the Tandil Tower. Del Potro escaped, and with 2:2 probes and easily won the first set. The Argentine was uncompromising until the end of the game mentioned by contact soccer picks and although he missed 4 games, he closed the match on his serve.

Marin Cilic continues. Croatia has struggled with Vasek Pospisil - 7:5, 7:6 (4). In other third round games, Joao Souza removed Jared Donaldson, and John Isner eliminated Mihail South.

Blog for soccer picks

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