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Austria ranks among the controls

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Austria did not qualify for World Cup 2018 and seeks in any control to prove that unsuccessful qualifications have already been forgotten. After three days of defeat Slovenia 3-0, today Franco Foda`s team was even more convincing against Luxembourg - 4:0.

The meeting of `Josie Bartel` started with an early goal of Marco Arnautovich. The Star of Austrians was taken to the penalty area and technically transferred to the goal keeper. In the 39th minute Florian Grillich stole the ball in half of Luxembourg and finished the rest. In the second half, Michael Gregoric scored a lead after Arnautovich`s assault, and Lucas Shaub scored in the 84th minute. (3)


0:1 M. Arnautovich (4)

0:2 F. Grill (39)

0:3 M. Gregorich (59)

Shaub (84)

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