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Chelsea must sell Eden Hazard

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Chelsea legend Marcel Desai is of the opinion that in order to raise the level of the team, the club according soccer picks must sell its star Eden Hazard and buy three players with the transfer money. In the past transfer times, it was speculated that Real Madrid is showing a keen interest in the Belgian. Abramovich is temperamental and will be disappointed with the drop in the Champions League but are still able to attract a few good players. If you sell Azar tomorrow, you can buy three players to replace him. And Villar, for example, is brilliant, but he is just one of those players. He can raise his level and become another world-class player, the former midfielder told Daily Mail. Meanwhile, Desai expressed support for Antonio Conte, who is considered the main culprit for the weak season of Londoners. What last season worked at Cote is no way to stop. Previously changing coach and retaining players. This time they have to leave the manager and send out four or five of the players. The level of the best players in the team fell, and Chelsea did not take the right people or some top player last summer. The failure is collective. I do not think Conte is guilty of this situation, he added.

Blog for soccer picks

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