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Marotta confirmed Alexigh`s post for the next season

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Juventus CEO Giuseppe Marotta has confirmed that Massimiliano Allegri will continue his work at the club if the mentor`s desire is to stay on the team. Allegre brought the biker-contenders to a fourth consecutive title under their leadership, and in this period played twice the final via soccer picks in the Champions League.

The Italian specialist was associated with the Arsenal and Chelsea coaching positions, but it seems he will continue to lead Juve in the next campaign. Allegro himself said that he wanted to fulfill his contract with the `Old Lady, ` which is until 2020.

We`ll meet Allegri in the next few days. Staying at the club depends on his willingness to work in Juventus for the future. On our part there is a huge optimism. Currently he has a contract with us for another two years. Allegri showed its qualities and I believe we will continue to work together. I remember well how hundreds of rabid typhogs welcomed Allegri four years ago. Over the last 20 years, the coaching profession has changed. A mentor should be good at working with the team. I have to be able to prepare the team, but also to be able to talk to each other individually, `Marota commented.

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