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Positivism after the negotiations between De Laurence and Sarri

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Today, a very positive meeting between President Napoleon Aurelio de Laurentias and team coach Maurizio Sarri was held. The two discussed the resumption of the specialist contract that expires before 2020. The President of the Paratroopers has shared his technical requirements with Sarri, wishing to see more young players in the squad of the Azzurri who, during the current campaign, had a tough battle with Juventus for the title in Italy.

From an economic point of view, De Laurentis is ready to meet the demands of Sarri, who wants to receive 2, 8 million euros per season. To this remuneration will be added various bonuses, which can reach up to 1 million. Napoli`s president has also expressed readiness to fund large-scale summer selections, reinforcing the team`s second attack on the title in the next campaign. Both are expected to discuss the release clause in Sarri`s contract, which is likely to be removed.

Blog for soccer picks

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