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The Croatian breeder does not share Allegri

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Croatia coach Zlatko Dalych does not share Masimiliano Allegri`s views in Juventus and plans to use Mario Manjukic at the top of the attack. In the Italian champion, the footballer more often acts on the wing. For me, Manjukic is the strongest in the center of the attack. The good thing is that I have a choice of two players at each post, said the chess instructor. Earlier today Dalih announced a group of 24 players for the World Cup. Some days ago, he had stopped 32 names, and today he has already reduced his choice, and by June 4 he will have to remove just one contestant. The specialist is pleased with the strong form of Ante Rebich who helped Eintracht (Frankfurt) to win the German Cup final analyzed by live soccer events against Bayern Munich on the weekend. We must also pay tribute to Niko Kovac, who raised the level of Rebich, Dalih said.

It is unlikely that Marco Piaza, who was transferred to Schalke 04 in the spring, will most likely be traveling to the World Series of Poker, but he is hardly in the game. This is a footballer I need. I believe in him, and he can play both on the wings and at the center of the attack, Dalych argues.

Blog for soccer picks

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