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Tottenham recalled the Wembley curse after a 2: 0 to 2: 3 turnaround

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Premier League West Ham lost the sensation in the League Cup semi-finals and eliminated Tottenham after a remarkable turn from 0: 2 to 3: 2. The clubs advised by soccer picks hit three goals in 15 minutes and shocked the team of Mauriceio Pocetino, who recalled Wembley`s failure. For the last time, Tottenham lost home after having won two goals in 2004 for the England Cup of Manchester City. Andrew Awo`s two goals hits Tottenham`s lead by Mousa Sisoko and Dele Ali in the first half and in the 70th minute Defender Angelo Ogbona has become a hero of West Ham by a header after corneringby Manuel Lansini. Tottenham did not lose any of his previous 6 matches at the national stadium, but the end of this series came at the most unexpected moment. As early as the 6th minute, Musa Sisoko opened the score for the hosts after a good pass to Son Hyun-Min and a perfect shot along Adrian del Castillo. Despite the fact that they had 7 changes to the Liverpool win (4: 1), Spurs seemed determined to kill the intrigue in the first half. Adrien saved a blow to Dele Ali`s head but in the 37th minute the English national still rose to 2-0. By the break, West Ham created only one position omitted by Mark Noble. The hammers, however, emerged as transformed after the pause and quickly returned the intrigue thanks to Andre Aue. Again, the Ghanaian national was accurate in the 60th minute after Lansini`s fault. The guests` efforts could have been to the wind a bit later when Dele Ali shot a strong shot, but Adrian saved. In the 70th minute, the complete turnaround became a reality. Lansini is centered by a corner kick, and Ogbone diverts the ball and sends it for the third time to Michelle Worm`s door. In the remaining time, Tottenham had a real chance to equalize and reach extra time, but again Adrian showed a class and saved Sisko`s shots. English League Cup - 1/8-Finals:


1: 0 M. Siso (6)

2: 0 E. Ali (37)
(2) 1 A. Ayu (55)

2: 2 A. Ayu (60)

2: 3 A. Ogbona (70)


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