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Marco Rossi is Hungary`s new national football coach

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The Italian Marco Rossi was appointed national football coach of Hungary. Former Brescia defender and former Honved (Budapest) mentor took the post from Belgian Georges Leekens. Leekens was appointed in October and has three losses and a tie in control meetings so far.

Rossie turned Honved to the title in the country in the 2016/2017 season, then moved to work in Slovakian Dunajska streada. Honved is one of the most successful local clubs from contact soccer picks , but with a glorious history half a century ago. Hungary did not qualify for a big forum since 1986 and in 2016 participated a little happily at the European Championship in France. They then appointed Leekens, who is known in Belgium for creating a talent development program and giving way to players such as Eden Hazard, Dreis Mertens, Romulus Lukaku, Kevin de Bourne. For Hungary, however, it is clearly weak.

The country is now on track to qualify for Euro 2020 with Rossi at the helm. Football gets more and more investment because of Prime Minister Viktor Orban`s passion, who even created the Pushkash Football Academy in his home village of Felchut.

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