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Nevertheless, Chelsea began training with. . Conte

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Despite all the rumors and expectations that Antonio Conte will not lead Chelsea in the new season, the Italian pulls out London`s first drill to start pre-season training. The club is trying to settle Mauriceio Sarri but still can not understand Napoli about the penalty against which his contract will be terminated. For his part, Conte also has a contract for another season and wants, even if he is released, to be paid the full amount of the contract, which amounts to 9 million pounds. That makes the situation absurd - Conte continues in Chelsea, although everyone knows that Sarri will lead the team and Sarri himself is still tied to Napoli, although the Italian club already has a new coach in Carlo Ancelotti.

Yesterday, Antonio Conte`s brother, Daniele, posted a photo in Instagram not Chelsea`s headquarters. The manager is in a good mood, despite the absurdity of the situation. However, it is expected very soon that the issue of the managerial position is resolved. The Chelsea season starts in less than a month - on August 5, when the `World Cup` match analyzed by soccer livescores against Manchester City. A week later, the Premier League was also launched.

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