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Sarri sent a message to Courtois

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Chelsea`s new manager, Maurizio Sarri, wants only team-motivated players in the squad, and this statement has been interpreted as a warning or unclear future for some of the current owners.
The Italian said the new week will have a conversation with Tibor Courtoa-Christopher Enrot`s agent. Enroth himself was quoted by some Belgian newspapers as saying that his client would like to leave Stamford Bridge in the direction of Real Madrid - the destination indicated throughout the summer. `I have nothing to answer to the agent, I have no intention of doing so, ` said Sarri after the defeat of Manchester City with 0-2 in yesterday`s `Shamed Communion` meeting.

Cortois himself did not play, and Willy Cabayero was on the door, who made several good rescues in City`s constant attacks. `I want to hear the reply from Courtois tomorrow (today`s GP), and I want only my own team to be highly motivated, ` said Napoli`s recent coach, who inherited compatriot Antonio Conte.
He added that Wembley saw small differences between the two teams, which may have been too much. But he also recalled that the team had little time to clear their mistakes until the start of the championship. The calming thing about it is that important players such as Eden Hazard and H `, Golo Kante also did not play and would probably have raised the team`s level of participation. Villian entered as a change.
Asked whether his players and the team generally responded well to his methods, Sarri said literally:`I really do not know what to say, I do not know. I came three weeks ago at this club advised by live soccer events and we had to start training with six people because there were national andmore players who were on a longer vacation.

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