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Manjukich had a physical three, taught for tattooing

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Juventus and Croatia`s striker Mario Manjukic had a three-person physical at the secondary school in Slavonski Brod, reveals one of his teachers to the `Uttarni List`. The reason was the stiff head of the teacher, who had some prejudice against the then very athletic disciple. VIDEO FROM MONDIAL 2018 HERE! `Everyone in the teacher`s room was wondering how he did not see what talent he had beneath his nose, but then Mario showed his stiffness and stubbornness, and did not smell with the teacher, he was not a confrontational child, but he had his drawbacks. he was very interested in the other subjects, because he realized that he had to graduate from school, and I remember once he annoyed me and told him, `Look, Ivica Olic is not born every day. ` I now motivate the children withit is that when Mario Manjukic has left our school, everythingpossible, `said another teacher Rajic Stojanovic.

Asking what Mario would do now, if she was not a footballer, she found a quick answer. He would have been tiling, and he was specializing in tiling and stoning, and I recently met a close classmate and said to him, `Zoniimire, what happened - you make your bread with your hands and Mario with your feet, ` adds the teacher, which reveals another unsuspecting fact for the attacker. Mandjukich appears to sponsor a shelter for abandoned pets in the city, but he does not want to make a noise.

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